Sunday, October 28, 2007

If You Have a Choice, Run from RedDot CMS & LiveServer

If You Have a Choice, Run from RedDot CMS

I’ve been a software developer/integrator for more than 20 years. I’ve worked in California, Canada, and Europe. And I’ve worked with everything from Cobalt programming to ERP deployments.

Never have I worked with software or a software company as deeply disappointing – as fundamentally broken - as RedDot Content Management (purchased by Hummingbird, purchased by OpenText and now called OpenText Web Solutions).

I’ve watched the company plummet from the developer of a respectable, if overly-complicated web content management solution in 2000 to the debacle of today. Bad management, worse development and an underlying disdain for clients = the sound of a toilet flushing.

8 Reasons You Should Run Away from RedDot Content Management (CMS)

  1. RedDot Lies. Their “.Net Release?” Their ain’t no .Net in it.

  2. RedDot workflow doesn’t work. Or only works if your site happens to be structured according to your org chart, rather than user needs

  3. RedDot pushes LiveServer as a search engine. LiveServer! It doesn’t even do its real job (personalization) well.

  4. They hate their partners. Which means that there’s no one to support the poor customers that buy the software. You’re on your own. And you’re screwed.

  5. Upgrades from Hell. Congrats, our new release wrecks your three years of development.

  6. The rats are fleeing. One sign a company is going into free fall – their best people run away.

  7. Who is in charge anyway? Four acquisitions in 4 years means the answer is no one.

  8. If you must buy RedDot, buy in Europe. They charge Europeans ¼ of what they charge us